Our company’s strengths and sufficient services

1 On-site testing in any part of Japan(*Japan Only)

“I want to see the filling machine tested on fresh dough.” In response to such a demand, we will bring the machine to any part of Japan and test it in front of you.

2Sufficient maintenance support(*Japan Only)

“It stopped working suddenly. What should I do?”
Do not worry. Staff members in charge of maintenance work will support you by phone.
We will adjust dates and come to the site, if necessary.

3High filling accuracy, which causes few errors

Our products are reliable in terms of amount to be filled and shapes of dough.
We will test the machine until our customers are satisfied, and will make adjustments as well.

4Simple disassembly and simple washing

Our filling machines can easily be “disassembled” and “washed.”
We have made the maintenance process easy, considering that it is to be used every day.

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