Company Outline


Today, we live in an era where technology is advancing each and every second. In the food brand machinery industry, too, many new types of machinery are being developed in response to users’ needs.

Under such circumstances, Japan System is developing, planning and manufacturing in response to our customers’ demand, as we gather technical staff members and perform all the work from design and manufacturing of confectionery and bakery equipment to its sales. Our major popular products include AR Depositor, a universal filling machine, that does not spoil the dough being a rotary type equipped with nail covers and has a wide variety of squeezing techniques, JSP-10 model series that are rich in variety in addition to its capacity to perform filling, coating and injection work efficiently, and cake coating machines that automated the work of coating the sponge with fresh cream, which used to be performed manually.

Especially, the cake coating machines enabled us to achieve good results in the areas where automatization was denied continuously by many other companies.

In addition, the fact that this machine was made on the basis of our company’s principle of developing a machine with dough-focused ideas as its basis, that put importance in preserving the quality of fresh cream, must be the reason why it succeeded and created a large impact in the industry.

Also, Japan System lays out a framework where we can respond in full efforts to users in accordance with their requested themes in the areas of designing machines, production of machines, after-sales service, maintenance, etc.

We manufacture products with “assurance,” “convenience in using,” “highly hygiene” and “safety” as our motto, to realize co-existence and co-prosperity with our customers. Within the company, we have been putting efforts as a team while looking into the future from a broader perspective, in an aim to make ourselves an organization where people can freely exchange their opinions while appropriately informing, reporting, discussing and holding meetings when necessary and are rewarded for their efforts.